Specialists at delivering video for Government Departments

We work with all levels of Government and our projects take us to a wide range of diverse communities across Australia. We are currently on the panel of preferred suppliers under DETSOA-90720 and through this whole-of-Government arrangement, have created content for many Departments. We are also part of a preferred panel of suppliers for the Australian Government through the Dept. of Human Services (SON3637213). Selection to these panels is undertaken through an extensive application and tender process, which speaks to our proven capability and capacity, as well as our professionalism and quality of work. 

Our experience ensures that we remain friendly, flexible and low impact, and are socially & culturally sensitive and aware.

We also know what drives a great interview, and can put talent that may not be used to being on camera at ease. It is important to us that all interactions are undertaken with compassion and consideration for a positive experience and outcome for all. We are skilled at liaising with multiple stakeholders, work well under pressure, and are able to coordinate many moving parts.

Got a vision in mind?

We can frame it up.