we are highly animated

Animation is a powerful and versatile form of visual storytelling that can bring imagination to life, convey complex concepts, and engage audiences in a way that other forms of media simply can't. As a video production house, PixelFrame offer animation as a service that can set a business apart.

From 2D and 3D animation, to motion graphics and stop-motion, there are many different styles and animation techniques that can be used to bring a brand to life.

Whether it's a short explainer video, a full-length animated feature, or anything in between, animation has the power to captivate and engage viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

In addition to traditional animation techniques, advances in technology and software have made it possible to create increasingly complex and realistic animations, from intricate visual effects and simulations, to photorealistic digital characters.

At PixelFrame, we offer animation as a standalone service, as well as integral part of a larger video production project. Whether it's a series of explainer videos for a new product launch, an animated commercial, or an educational video for a school, the application for animation in video production is virtually limitless.

With its ability to bring imagination to life, animation is a truly unique form of media that can help your product or service stand out, connect with the audience, and achieve your goals.

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